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Romoss Solo 3 6000mAh Power Bank

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_This small portable power bank will give you the freedom to charge your devices wherever you go. _Long Lasting and easy to carry _Perfectly compatible with a variety of smartphones, MP3s, MP4s and other mobile devices _Smart sleep: Sleeps automatically after use to save energy _Charge 2 power-hungry devices at the same time with dual outputs with high efficiency

Made from high-quality fibre, this Romoss 6000mAH Power Bank charger is compatible with almost all smartphones, iPhones. Efficiently designed, it is portable and slim so that you can easily carry it in your backpack. With four LEDs, it indicates the charge levels, enabling you to check on the battery consumption. The intelligent Multiple Protection technology used in this power bank keeps it protected from overcharging and voltage overloads, making it extremely durable. Enjoy a long weekend without carrying a different charger for each mobile phone in the family as this power bank is capable of charging all of the phones four to five times.

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