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  1. Cougar Arena X Mouse Pad
    The smooth-textured surface ensures controlled, precise movements without friction. Wave shaped, anti-slip rubber basing guarantees stability during gameplay, and the 5mm pad thickness assists with comfort. The material of the mat is not only environmentally friendly, but is also exceptionally durable, combining water-proof, soft cloth material, a rubber base and heat-sealed edges for added endurance. Smooth surface Anti-slip rubber base Optimized 5mm thickness Extra-large pro-gaming surface Heat-sealed edges Compatible with laser and optical tracking gaming mice Soft cloth material for easy portability Water-proof & battle proof
  2. CORSAIR MM350 Premium Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - XL
    Enjoy hours of plush gaming comfort on the CORSAIR MM350 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mousepad – X-Large, boasting a roomy 450mm x 400mm surface with ample room for high-performance optical and laser sensor gaming mice.
  3. Orico Natural Rubber Mousepad 800x300
    _Made of high-quality material _Accurate location brings amazing user e...
  4. Redragon Kunlun Large Gaming Mouse Pad
    _Surface is made of silk-processed cloth to ensure that mouse moves very...
  5. Redragon Archelon Medium Gaming Mouse Pad 330x260x5mm
    Redragon gaming mousepads are built and tested by gamers for gamers. Only the highest quality components are used to guarantee razor-sharp performance and precision. Everything from the top, bottom, and sides were engineered for maximum gaming accuracy and longevity.
  6. Redragon Archelon Large Gaming Mouse Pad
    _Surface: made of silk-processed cloth to ensure that mouse moves very s...

6 Items

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A mouse pad provides a smooth and more comfortable surface to work on.  High quality mouse pads have an intricate woven surface to help with the precision of your mouse movements.  Computer Mania has a wide variety of options available to improve your mouse experience.