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  1. Redragon Scepter Pro RGB Headset Stand
    Display your headphones safely and elegantly with the Redragon SCEPTER PRO Quad USB2.0 RGB Headset Stand. It is sturdily made with a durable aluminium post and a non-slip rubber base. This headset stand will illuminate your desk with its 10 mode dynamic RGB lighting.
  2. Cougar Headset - Bunker S
    '- Standard mode for horizontal usage - Case mode for vertical usage -...
  3. Remax RM-C26 Transformer Car Smart Phone Holder
    _Attached to Widescreen_Suitable for Mobiles with width of 5.5 - 8.5cm36...
  4. Cougar Bunker Gaming Bungee
    The Bunker ensures an effective method to prevent tangling and to prevent the mouse cord from getting in your way. The secure vacuum suction pad is stable during all types of gameplay. The small and compact design makes sure this useful accessory doesn't take up too much desk space. Its raised rubber arm is highly flexible, increasing durability. Being only 85grams, this accessory is not only a unique and compact design, but is also very lightweight.

4 Items

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Staying organised can help to maintain productivity and make your life easier. This is why, at Computer Mania, we offer an range of stands to keep your desk and car free of unnecessary clutter. You will find sturdy and easy-to-use headphone stands, perfect for keeping larger gaming headphones out of the way when you are not using them as well as smartphone holders for cars. Keep your life clutter-free with Computer Mania.