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  1. TP-Link 8-port 10/100 Desktop Switch TL-SF1008
    The TL-SF1008D Fast Ethernet Switch is designed for SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) or workgroup users. All 8 ports support auto MDI/MDIX, no need to worry about the cable type, simply plug and play. Moreover, with the innovative energy-efficient technology, the TL-SF1008D can save power consumption, making it an eco-friendly solution for your business network.
  2. TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switchj - TL-SG1008D
    The TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit desktop switch TL-SG1008D provides you an easy way to make the transition to Gigabit Ethernet. Increase the speed of your network server and backbone connections, or make Gigabit to the desktop a reality. Moreover, TL-SG1008D adopts lower power consumption design. With the innovative energy-efficient technology, the TL-SG1008D can save up to 80%* of the power consumption, making it an eco-friendly solution for your home or office network.
  3. TP-Link 10/100 Mini Desktop Switch - SF1005D
    The TL-SF1005D 5-Port 10/100Mbps desktop switch provides an easy way to expand your wired network. All 5 ports support auto-MDI/MDIX, eliminating the need to worry about the type of cable to use. Featuring full duplex mode, the TL-SF1005D can process data at a rate of up to 200Mbps making it an ideal choice for expanding your high performance wired network. Moreover, with innovative energy-efficient technology, the TL-SF1005D can save power consumption, making it an eco-friendly solution for your home or office network.
  4. Unitek USB 3.0 4-port HUB Y-3089
    Up to 5Gbps Data Transfer Optional Power Port (Micro USB) BC1.2 Chargi...
  5. Unitek Y3145 USB 3.0 4-port Hub
    Data Transfer Speed up to 5Gbps BC 1.2 Charging Technology ( Total Powe...
  6. Orico 4 Port USB3 Clip-Type / Spiral Clamp Hub - Aluminium
    The Orico 4 Port USB3.0 Clip-Type Hub utilises a silcone spiral back clip to allow you to attach it to the underneath or side of your monitor or the edge of your desk, allowing for easy access to your usb ports in a fixed position. The four USB3.0 ports allow for transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps and are also suitable for charging 5V devices.
  7. Orico 4 Port USB3.0 Transparent HUB
    _Transparent design with blue led_Portable USB hub with four USB3.0 port...
  8. Unitek Y-3464A USB3.0 Aluminium Gigabit Ethernet Converter
    _SuperSpeed data transfer via USB3.0 _Stable connection & faster da...
  9. Unitek Y-2179B USB2.0 4-Port Aluminium Hub
    _New design with aluminum housing, sleek Apple style design. _Best sol...
  10. Orico 4 Port Universal Travel plug
    _4-port smart wall charger for worldwide use_Compact, portable and styli...
  11. Unitek Y-DK09016 USB3.1 Type-C Multi Port Hub
    _Supports USB Power Delivery_Includes: USB 3.0, Type-A Female, 1 x USB 3...

11 Items

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USB hubs make it easy for you to power and use more than one device at a time from one USB port. You might need to plug in and use your laptop, mouse, webcam, and charge your phone at once, and this is where Computer Mania can help make your life easier. We have a wide array of USB hubs on offer, including models that have Type C USB capabilities. You will also find USB hubs with universal travel plugs, perfect for those overseas trips that need your devices to be charged regularly. Be always on with Computer Mania.