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  1. Rii Mini Wireless Game Controller Mouse Keyboard Combo RK707
    Experience versatility in the palm of your hands with the lightweight Rii 2in1 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Gamepad and Keyboard. This unique gamepad has a 62 key QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad on the reverse that can be used with the flip of the device and the flick of a switch. This keyboard has adjustable backlighting and the touchpad can be gesture controlled. The gamepad is designed in the ABXY layout with two analogues, both bumpers and triggers as well as a D-Pad
  2. MSI Force GC30 Wire/Wireless Gaming Controller
    _Supports Windows And Android 4.1 Above _Dual Vibration Motors Inside _D...
  3. Sparkfox Arcade Controller for Xbox One, PS4 and PC
    _Compatible with Xbox One, PS4, PC as well as Android. This fight stick ...
  4. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller and Adapter for Windows
    _Wireless Adapter _Enhanced comfort and feel _Ergonomic design _Wirel...
  5. Logitech F310 Gamepad
    _Play hits and classics _Advanced console-style controller _Exclusive ...
  6. Microsoft Xbox One Wired PC Controller
    _9" USB Cable _Textured Grip _Button Mapping _3.5mm Stereo Headset Ja...
  7. Sparkfox Wireless Controller for PC or Android
    _2.4G Wireless connection to PC or Android device _Wired & Wireless...
  8. Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad
    _2.4 GHz wireless connectivity _Dual vibration motors support vibration...
  9. Redragon Saturn Wired PC Gamepad
    Make collisions more realistic with the new Redragon SATURN Wired X/D-input PC Controller. Latest PC games uses X input as an API (which is not supported by most old model controllers). This controller is ready to work with any gaming windows such as 7/8/10. The Saturn ensures effective use of weapons in shooter game, making this PC controller the best high-speed controller money can buy. You will always make the right move in any gaming situation.

9 Items

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Retro gaming and console type games on PC, your tablet or even your smartphone is tremendous fun.  Whether you are playing an arcade fighting game, racing or shooter, a game controller will take your experience to the next level. Computer Mania has a wide range of wired and wireless game controllers to choose from for various platforms from PC, android or console.