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  1. Corsair RM750x Series 750W ATX PSU 80 Plus - Gold
    CORSAIR RMx series fully modular power supplies are built with the highest quality components to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficient power to your PC, with virtually silent operation
  2. Corsair CX Series CX650M - 650 Watt 80 PLUS Bronze
    Corsair CX Series CX650 80 Plus Bronze Certified 650W ATX Power Supply N...
  3. Corsair VS450 Watt Power Supply - 80Plus White (Low Noise)
    80 PLUS efficiency: Runs cooler and uses less power than non-certified p...
  4. Huntkey CP-350 8cm Fan Power Supply
    Rated Power 250W Complies with ATX12V V2.3 Supports Intel and AMD Dual ...
  5. Hunltkey x7 1000W Power Supply
    The ultra-efficient design found within the X7 1000 generates minimal heat and runs exceptionally quiet, even when delivering high levels of power
  6. Cooler Master MWE 550 Power supply
    _80 PLUS Certification_The MWE consumes less power when your system is i...
  7. Deepcool DE 580W Power Supply
    _120mm Intelligent Fan_Excellent noise-performance ratio_Multiple protec...
  8. Cooler Master 750W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply
    _The intelligent 120mm fan speed controller with honey combo mesh increa...

8 Items

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Every computer needs a power supply, and a gaming rig needs one that is more powerful and capable than others. Under powering your dream rig can be one of the biggest mistakes.  You need to make sure to match your power supply wattage to the power requirement of your gaming PC, keeping in mind any future expansion you might have planned.  Computer Mania recognizes the importance of the power supply unit and therefore supplies only the most reliable and tested brands in the market.