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ASUS RT-AC88U AC3100 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Fibre-Ready Gaming Router

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_Unbeatable Wi-Fi coverage

_Requires an ADSL Modem OR a Fibre CPE to connect to the Internet

_Ai Protection

Whether you're gaming online in a heated competition or streaming a live event in 4K/UHD, lag and buffering are simply not an option. NitroQAM (1024-QAM) technology on the RT-AC88U delivers a combined 3167 Mbps Wi-Fi speed, ensuring everyone on your network can enjoy smooth streaming and low-latency online gaming.

Powerful processor, faster transfers

RT-AC88U's top-of-the-line 1.4 GHz dual-core processor brings its computational capability to the next level. USB data transfers enjoy up to over 100 MB/s speed and the router download/upload speed (WAN-LAN throughput) up to 1800 Mbps5

Free game accelerator inside

Ping time and variance are critical technical parameters that affect responsiveness in online gaming, and their values depend heavily on the route game packets take to and from their destination. The Gamers Private Network (GPN) from WTFast automatically performs route optimization, choosing the most efficient route for game packets, resulting in consistently-lower ping time and minimal packet loss. With RT-AC88U this optimization is free, so users can enjoy the results on virtually every competitive multi-player online game - at no extra cost!

Bandwidth for all

RT-AC88U is the master of entertaining, able to support as many devices as people you invite over and can even maintain multiple simultaneous Full HD 1080P streams. Beyond content consumption, the RT-AC88U enables a smarter home, supporting IP cameras, thermostats and a variety of devices you don't even own yet.

Your family members are exposed to the dangers of internet every single moment they're online. In the U.S., teenagers use the internet more than two hours every day on average. Over 20,000 attacks a day were detected on ASUS routers with AiProtection during 2017 Q3, and over half of them happened on Windows, Mac and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices where precious data is stored.

Disguised cyber threats can sneak in to steal your private data, or your kids may accidentally encounter inappropriate content during their ever-growing screen time. ASUS AiProtection not only protects your connected devices from compromise, but also your family from inappropriate content and unhealthy internet usage when using their smart devices. 

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